Australia Student Visa New  Rule Changes: 2023-2024

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Australia Student Visa New  Rule Changes: 2023-2024

Significant modifications have recently been made to Australia’s student visa laws. The modifications are intended to tighten visa requirements for international students and low-skilled workers. This action is part of a larger plan to improve the migration system.

Key Changes

1. Tightening of Rules: The Australian government is proposing immigration measures that would make it more difficult for international students to study in Australia. This includes the reinstatement of student visa work limitations, which will be capped at 48 hours per week.

2. Skilled Worker Wage Threshold: The skilled worker wage threshold will be raised. This reform is expected to provide permanent employment opportunities for approximately 17,000 temporary workers.

3. Eligibility for Temporary Work Visas: The eligibility for temporary work visas, which are important to the future plans of many overseas students, has been restricted.

4.New Visa Pathways: Beginning July 1, 2023, various new visa changes and opportunities will be available. This includes a new citizenship pathway for New Zealanders as well as a new visa for eligible Pacific and Timor Leste migrants.

It is anticipated that these modifications would have a big effect on overseas students who intend to study in Australia. To properly navigate the application process, prospective students must remain informed about these developments.

Australia Revises Visa Rules, IELTS Requirement for International Students

  • With the goal of lowering its reliance on temporary labor and raising the caliber of its permanent immigrants, the Australian government has announced a significant reform of its immigration system.
  • The minimum IELTS score needed to obtain a student visa has been raised from 5.5 to 6.0. The Temporary Graduate Visa previously needed an IELTS score of 6.0; the new minimum is 6.5. IELTS 5.5 is a requirement for students enrolled in university foundation or gateway programs that offer credible English language instruction.
  • All international students will be required to take the “Genuine Student Test” as part of a new migration plan. This test must be completed by students before they can depart from their home nation. This will lessen the increase in fraud involving visas and immigration.
  • After being stagnant for ten years, the minimum salary for qualified workers will rise from $53,900 to $65,000. This implies that the skilled stream is limited to individuals who apply for permanent visas and make more than this amount.
  • First Class Honors STEM graduates will now be able to stay for an additional three years instead of just two. In addition, Indian students enrolled in programs in regional Australia may continue to benefit for an extra one to two years.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs’ official website has further information regarding the new visa regulations and the IELTS score minimum for overseas students studying in Australia.

What is the Genuine Student Test?

In order to study in Australia for more than a year, candidates for student visas must now take the Genuine Student Test (GST). Its purpose is to determine whether the applicant truly intends to study in Australia and whether they can fulfill the conditions of their visa. Early in 2024, the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement will be replaced by the GST.

The GST will be administered as a component of the application process for a student visa and will ask questions concerning the applicant’s academic history, financial situation, study goals, and ties to Australia, in addition to their English language skills. An interview with the visa officer will conduct the GST. In comparison to the former GTE requirement, the GST is anticipated to be more equitable and transparent, but also more challenging to pass.

Before applying, make sure you meet the most recent eligibility requirements and visa requirements if you intend to study in Australia. The Australian Department of Home Affairs’ official website has additional information regarding the GST.

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